Past Lectures

Program (2010-2011)

Identity and Urban Politics in the Pacific Northwest

Urban Activism and the Right to the City

Program (2011-2012)

Theatre in the City

Cities, Governance, and the Politics of Urbanism

Program (2012-2013)

Fall 2012
70 Years Later: Japanese Canadians and the Urban Legacy of War

Spring 2013
Making Cities Healthier: It's Not About Health Care!

Program (2013-2014)

Fall 2013
Religion in the City

Spring 2014
Security in the City

City Talks Special Event

Rescheduled City Talk
From Fall 2013 Religion in the City series

Program (2014-2015)

Fall 2014
Environmental Justice and the City

Spring 2015
Racism, Memory, and Politics in the European City

Program (2015-2016)

Fall 2015
Street Art and the Politics of Urban Place-Making

Spring 2016
The Refugee Crisis and the Sanctuary City

Program (2016-2017)

Fall 2016
Beyond the Postcolonial City: Rethinking the Imperial Legacies of Contemporary Urbanism

Spring 2017
Anarchism in the City

Program (2017-2018)

Fall 2017
The Political Life of Urban Streetscapes

Telephone pole
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