5 Main Rules of Casino Dress Code

Casino Dress Code

While gambling online at BetChan, you don’t have to think about what you are wearing. But what if you are going to visit an offline casino? Then follow these 5 tips.

Clothes Must Be Warm

If you intend to focus entirely on poker, we recommend wearing a good and comfortable sweatshirt to the casino tournament.

As soon as you get into a gambling establishment, you will immediately feel that it is quite cool. The casinos are equipped with an excellent ventilation and air conditioning system.

If you come to the casino in a T-shirt and sandals, you’ll freeze through all the hands and think more about hot tea than you do about the game. You can’t play poker dressed like that, and if you do, it’ll be bad poker.

And a sweatshirt made of good natural material that can keep your body warm in an air-conditioned room is a great way out. Even if you get a little hot, you can always take it off easily.

Comfort Dress Code

Casino Outfit

Never wear tight clothes and shoes that are too small for you. Your goal is to win, not to show off. And it’s almost impossible to win when you’re playing in a scratchy sweater and thinking about your blisters.

Being in such an uncomfortable position, you become an open book for your opponents, as unnecessary movements, literally screaming about the strength of your hand, about your strategy, will become much more. Protect yourself from unnecessary twitching, minimize the possible discomfort that uncomfortable clothes can bring. The main rule of a poker player’s dress code is that all items of clothing must be comfortable.

The Watch Is Needed

It’s not just a stylish accessory. No casino in the world has a wall clock. While you are in the casino, the time becomes inaccessible to you.

This can be a big problem in offline events because you need to know when you’re going to transfer after a level is completed.

Wear a wristwatch or keep a smartphone in front of you to find out how many minutes are left until the end of the level.

Poker Dress Code Does Not Prohibit Headphones

A casino tournament is not a game among friends, where you know each other well and are ready to talk for hours. Also, it is a different level of poker and concentration on the game is vital. Be prepared to have complete strangers telling poker stories, pestering you with questions, comments, etc. for hours.

At first, it will be entertaining and maybe not only won’t distract you from the game, but it will also help you read your opponents. But at some point this chatter will bore you.

That’s where headphones come in handy. Use them to focus on your poker with your favorite tracks. Does the music bother you? Headphones will neutralize a lot of distracting noise. No one will take offense at you – everyone and everything will get it right.


Some people are comfortable playing in sunglasses, and some people are not. This accessory is not a must-have, but we do recommend trying to play with sunglasses.

Points will minimize your telles, and at the same time allow you to unobtrusively observe the telles of your opponents on the table.

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