Be Careful: Top 7 Mistakes of Novice Casino Players

Casino Mistakes

Online gambling is a great way to relax. In order to ensure that relaxation is not marred, visitors should be careful when choosing a casino and slot machines. 

Entering a new casino or an already favorite place, say, the online Casino Cookie, despite the beautiful surroundings, beautiful site, and just a huge number of games, you should also not forget the rules of the site, the conditions for activation and wagering bonuses. 

Our article contains a list of the most common mistakes made by every second beginner in the pursuit of big winnings.

Playing for Money in an Unlicensed Casino 

Many newcomers choose their first online casino almost at random: follow an advertising link, type in a search for the name heard in a video, or follow the recommendations of anonymous users on thematic forums. The bright design and the abundance of machines can bribe and dull attention. If the game is played in demo mode, it is not so scary.

But before you make a deposit and start making real money bets, you should make sure that the casino has a license (Malta, Curacao, UK, or other jurisdiction). Information about the permission is usually published at the bottom of the home page or in the “Terms and Conditions” section.

Incorrect Personal Information

Wishing to remain anonymous, many visitors enter false information about themselves when registering. For free play – is not a hindrance, although it contradicts the rules of online casinos. However, newcomers do not take into account that when they want to withdraw their winnings, the administration will ask them to verify.

They will need to upload a photo of an official document (passport, driver’s license, ID card) to the system, which must contain the same data as in the registration form.

The slightest discrepancy (a different date of birth, a mistake in the name, etc.) will lead to a refusal or withdrawal.

Therefore, it is important to create an account only for yourself and immediately specify the correct data.

If a player has chosen a licensed online casino, he may not be afraid of leakage of personal information. The administration ensures full confidentiality and protection of user data.



Many casino newcomers entice profitable no deposit bonuses, but they are often given only once for registration. If the free spins did not bring the desired winnings, users sometimes decide to cheat the system. They create a second account. However, this way is fraught with the blocking of both accounts and the cancellation of all winnings.

The security service closely monitors how many accounts have been created by one user. Therefore, beginners should not violate the regulations.

It is worth keeping in mind that 90% of the sites have a rule: you can create only 1 account per user/IP address/computer. If a family member has already registered from home, you should not use the same gadget and the same network (in the latter case, the same IP address will be involved).

Ignoring what currencies the casino accepts and what payment methods are available

Before creating an account and making your first deposit, it is useful for the player to study the list of accepted currencies. If the casino allows you to deposit only euros and dollars, then you do not have to give up on it. But you should immediately consider losses due to conversion if the player intends to make a deposit to the ruble card or e-wallet.

A more important question is the choice of payment methods.

Ordering a Payout Without Studying the Rules and Conditions

Often beginners pay extra fees or lose winnings from bonuses. This happens because many online casinos have rules:

  • If the deposit was not wagered on the minimum wager (x1, x3, and so on), the user pays a commission fee. Its size is 10-20%.
  • If a customer orders a payout when a bonus is not won, the winnings are burned.

Not all casinos have such requirements, so it is important to carefully study the section “Terms and Conditions”.

Rules Activation and Wagering Bonuses

Each specific bonus and promotion has its own rules for activation and use. Common mistakes:

  • Ignoring the minimum amount to activate a bonus. It is important to make the agreed deposit in one go.
  • Failure to meet deadlines. Some bonuses can only be activated within the nth number of days after registration. Use of the gifted money or free spins must also be within the stipulated period, otherwise, they will “burn out”.

Failure to Meet the Wagering Conditions

For each bonus, there is a wager. Users must for the n-th number of days to put the winning amount on the line a certain number of times. For wager x30 – 30, x45 – 45, and so on. And the list of slots, in which you can wage bonuses, is usually limited. There are slots that are not suitable for complying with the conditions of the wager. It is important to pay attention to the deadline. If you fail to meet the deadline, your winnings will be canceled. It is also worth reading whether bonus funds can be used for wagering, or whether it is necessary to make a deposit.

Fast Transition to Real Bets

What strategy to choose betting, each user decides for himself. But go straight to the game for money in an unfamiliar slot – a dangerous choice. Demo version will assess not only the picture, but also the technical parameters of the machine.

The user who has already figured out the mechanics of the game and worked out his strategy in a safe mode, will have a significant advantage and reduce the risks.

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